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A Global Display Company needed to source various Long Chain Aryl Benzenes for a project.

  • Customer first contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd in April 2012 to source 3 custom materials
  • Target purity was Assay (GC) > 98%, quantity for each material being 50g.
  • Manufacturer supplied each material within lead time specified and at Purity > 99%
  • In February 2013, an order for 1kg for one derivative was received at the higher purity requirement of Assay > 99%.
  • Material of Assay 99.12% was delivered to the customer in April 2013.


  • NiCHe Materials Ltd has continued to supply various materials as part of this project in order quantities of up to 10kg. Products supplied have been varied and include benzothiadiazole, terephthalic acid and flurenone derivatives.
  • In 2015, NiCHe presented their sourcing capabilities and was invited to be part of the OLED Sourcing Team for this customer and continue to provide materials to various sites globally.
  • NiCHe, in a consultancy role, provided a market survey for an organometallic material.

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NiCHe Case Study – Long Chain Aryl Benzene