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An EU based Semiconductor Company needed to urgently source key production material of 10-12kg annually. Material sourced from a catalogue company, supplying in 25g packs, was unavailable for 12 weeks.

  • Customer first contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd at the beginning of November 2013; their plant closure date 16th December 2013.
  • NiCHe found a suitable source and supplied 200g process sample which was delivered 2 weeks after initial enquiry.
  • Bulk order was raised 10th December and supplied on Friday 13th December for plant trial. Customer had 2 weeks stock remaining.
  • Based on plant trials, quality, pricing and 2 deadlines met, bulk order was placed.
  • Commercial deliveries have been made with no quality or delivery issues since January 2014.


NiCHe Materials Ltd awarded Preferred Supplier Status for this company.

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NiCHe Case Study – Semiconductor Fluoride