Company Information


A US based Diagnostic Supply Company contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd as part of a lost source project. Since the start of the project, NiCHe has sourced and supplied 30+ Antibiotics for R&D (non- human use).

  • Customer first contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd during May 2012 for various Antibiotics.
  • NiCHe found suitable sources and supplied various samples for testing and approval.
  • Materials requested include 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Cephalosporin and various Pennicilins to various specifications including EP/USP.
  • Bulk and semi-bulk orders have been raised on NiCHe in quantities ranging from 30g to 80kg.
  • Bulk re-pack has been requested for various items in the range and single batch re-packs have been offered to various facilities globally.


NiCHe Materials Ltd continues to supply many of these products in bulk and also as custom re-packs.

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NiCHe Case Study – Lost Source Antibiotics