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A US Based Pharma Company needed to source a key Inorganic Material for use in a Pharmaceutical Process.

  • Customer first contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd in QTR III 2014 to source a high purity Inorganic Material, urgently required for a production campaign.
  • Specification was extremely tight and more than 15 global suppliers could not meet all of the parameters.
  • A NiCHe Partner was able to supply PSS and 50kg off the shelf for immediate use in validation trials.
  • Shipments to date have ranged from 200kg to 1700kg with not a single rejection.
  • In anticipation of requirements for 2016 and beyond, the NiCHe Partner has weekly capability of 1500kg – 2000kg and has invested in an ICP OES for this project.


NiCHe Materials Ltd is the approved supplier for this material, having shipped just under 5000kg during 2015. More orders are expected during 2015, along with a request for us to sign a Supply Agreement.

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NiCHe Case Study – High Purity Inorganic Salt for Pharma