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An EU based Pharmaceutical Company needed to source an Adipic Acid Derivative as a starting material for a new process to an existing end product.

  • Customer first contacted NiCHe Materials Ltd in November 2011 to source a custom material. The Chemical was available commercially but not in the purity required by the customer.
  • Target purity was Assay > 99%, critical parameter free Adipic Acid content target < 0.05%
  • Manufacturer developed GC Test Method to measure and quantify free Adipic Acid
  • Manufacturer produced target quality (Assay 99.1%) and met the free Adipic Acid content (0.04%). Also qualified and quantified the remaining impurity, Diethyl Adipate 0.75%, retention time 10.1 minutes.


NiCHe Materials Ltd met the 1kg R&D requirements for this project.

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NiCHe Case Study – Adipic Acid Derivative