Company Information

Business Production Contingency Plan – has been in place since the start of the project in 2014.

Strategic Material Iron Derivative

NiCHe / Manufacturer Partner has been the only approved source for a number of years. Deliveries up to 10T have been made during the time we have been involved with Customer 1 with no rejects and no deadlines missed. Current lead time of 3 months is offered for tonnage quantities.

Tier 1; disruption to single production facility

Manufacturer Partner has 3 production facilities on site with all the necessary plant / utilities to produce Iron Derivative in tonnage quantities
In the event of something happening to 1 of the facilities where manufacture could not continue, production could be transferred seamlessly to an alternative building on-site.

Tier 2; disruption to all production facilities

In the event of all 3 facilities not being in a position to produce Ferric Sulphate, Manufacturer Partner have highlighted (local) manufacturers in the same field of chemistry as themselves. In such a situation, production would be transferred to one of the chosen partners. Manufacturer Partner staff would work at the 3Rd Party Manufacturer to produce the end product using identical Raw Materials / Process Conditions. Final testing would be carried out using existing SOP.

In a Tier 2 Scenario, it is envisaged that Manufacturer Partner would be in a position to re-start production within a 3 month time-frame.

A further option of off-site storage of tested / approved material could also be presented as / if required.