Company Information


  • NiCHe continue to supply 2 Pharmaceutical Companies with a high purity Iron Salt meeting increased demand and supplied > 15T in a single shipment.
  • A bespoke amino alkene was supplied for a new electronics application; agreeing route of synthesis as key part of the project and the first 8kg sample was sent in to the new customer.
  • NiCHe key customer was asked to source/ supply a 15kg of a Tungsten derivative for a key project where the current source had quoted a lead-time of several months. This was sourced and first shipment of material with an Assay 99.58% was delivered within 5 weeks.
  • Materials developed by LuminoChem / introduced to NiCHe Security Customers since 2015 have been approved and 3 pigments are now being supplied on a regular basis for global applications.
  • Under a supply agreement with an EU Manufacturer, NiCHe has been supplying a high purity acid to various customers since 2012. Various questionnaires, prepared to support the Pharmaceutical Industry, were completed along with other supporting documents and NiCHe is Qualified Supplier for this critical component.
  • NiCHe was asked to source 120g of a Pharmaceutical Excipient according to Ph. Eur and USP and manufactured according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) where the supplier had to agree to offer for 10 years+. Where previous quotes were prohibitive, NiCHe quoted various options at approximately 20% of the original offers with each supplier offering availability for the time-scale required.


During 2018 we observed an increase to 70%+ of sales as repeat business across 7 Markets. New projects were received from key customers and we continue to be the only supplier globally across various projects. NiCHe again has demonstrated the ability to turn bespoke orders around and meet very tight project deadlines.