Company Information


  • NiCHe continued to supply 2 Pharmaceutical Companies with a high purity Iron Salt meeting increased demand and supplied 5T lots. Contingency Plans were presented to both customers as we remain sole supplier for this project.
  • We continue to supply key materials as part of a ‘Lost Source’ Project, started in 2012, and supplied 20 materials in gm to 10Kgs quantities.
  • NiCHe was invited to participate on a sourcing project for a new Global Customer and supplied 4 materials during 2017; expected to repeat in 2018.
  • New Projects are presented to us for Security Applications; supported by LuminoChem the business continues to grow.
  • NiCHe was approached to find a source of a commercially unavailable Molybdate salt for an EU Pharma customer. NiCHe developed the process to produce samples and then commercial quantity for Pilot Trials within 4 weeks. No other supplier globally could offer this grade in this quantity.


During 2017 we continue with the key Business Development Strategy across our key markets and note an increase to 60% of sales is repeat business. In this year we supplied 2 additional ‘Critical Components’ to one Pharmaceutical Customer. The Marketing Consultancy Project for a Germany based Pharmaceutical Company continued; where we saved them US$95k on a single shipment. We continue to be sole supplier on various projects.