Company Information


  • Technology Transfer for Scintillation Grade terPhenyl derivative started; first bulk order with new partner now completed and within customer specification. Samples have been sent for evaluation. Updated expected late summer 2015.
  • bioPharma Vendor Reduction Programme started with the supply of first sample / bulk order. Other materials to follow.
  • ‘Dual Source – Single Source’  US Partner has invested in second manufacturing facilty. Same RMs / staff / process used to make the same end product for a Pharma grade material.
  • Customer specific solvents, with known impurity profiles offered to various customers. Projects continue.
  • During May 2015, NiCHe was proud to announce our 500th order.
  • NiCHe / LuminoChem exhibited at European trade shows in Hungary and London during the first half of the year


Please come back and visit for an update -Projects and Summary will be updated over the course of 2015