Company Information


  • NiCHe Materials established in July 10 2010 as a supplier of hard-to-find / commercially unavailable materials.
  • Agreed to work with Varichem for all incoming / outgoing Chemical Shipments. Varichem provide all SDS / Labels / Documents for NiCHe Global Shipments and continue to do so.
  • Agreed 10 month consultancy with UK Manufacturing Partner
  • Orders received from Top Global Catalogue Company’s
  • Supplied Bulk Semiconductor Materials into Indian Photovoltaics Market
  • NiCHe commenced work on Lost Source Antibiotics Project
  • NiCHe secured Supply Agreement with IBI Laboratories to supply Uranium Acetate under license into the Indian Market
  • NiCHe delivered high purity starting material for Pharmaceutical¬† R&D Project for use in an alternative process
  • NiCHe signed agreement to market LuminoChem (Hungary) effect pigments into the Security Market Globally


By the end of 2011, NiCHe had established a diverse customer network on 3 Continents supplying materials into a diverse range of markets.